8Seconds adds new features

8Seconds just released its latest updates which help make your creative testing business process even more productive and will give you the competitive edge you have been looking for.

Here are the key changes summarized:

8Seconds has from now on 2 versions in the 8Seconds’ Optimizer:

1. RT Image Optimizer – browser version

This is the classic real time optimization solution from 8Seconds that our results oriented, pioneering clients have grown to enjoy. You can get started now and it works on any e-mail marketing platform, anywhere. There are no changes on this release.

2. RT Enterprise Optimizer – API

This is the truly advanced version for the marketers who are ready to take multivariate testing to a totally new level. It is a fully featured application that includes:

  • subject header
  • body text
  • image testing
  • advanced KPI reporting

And the following NEW features for this version:

Eliminate losers one-by-one

This is like that game called “Last Man Standing”: Instead of choosing 1 winner which will automatically be shown to the rest of the database, you will have the possibility to continue the optimization by continuously dropping the lowest performer until there is just one winner left. In this case, only the best working version(s) will be shown to the rest of your database.

How can you implement this feature?

Easy, as always at 8Seconds.

John Lindsay

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