Testing and optimizing the content of your campaigns with 8Seconds Optimizer is:

  • Simple and easy, thanks to its fully automated web-based technology
  • Compatible with all email broadcasting platforms, and requires no IT implementation
  • Fast, thanks to the 8Seconds fast learning and actively adapting content technology
  • Cost effective, 8Seconds radically reduces optimization costs and more than pays for itself
  • Guaranteed toincrease CTR(average gains of 200-300%), revenue and ROI
  • An affordable alternative to creative market research
  • Ideal for small and large audiences
  • Designed also for drip campaigns

Simple and Easy

8Seconds Optimizer is a fully automated, easy-to-use web based tool. To optimize your email campaign, you only need to define what you want to test. 8Seconds gives you a snippet of code that you need to include in your html email. That’s it. From there, you only need to sit back and watch the results in real-time.


8Seconds Optimizer is a plug and play  cloud solution that requires no IT implementation. It is compatible with all email broadcasting platforms. This means that you can get started right away.


8Seconds tests your email in real-time, which is much faster than traditional A/B testing, which usually involves testing, waiting for results, selecting a winner and resending. Furthermore because 8Seconds uses the multivariate testing technology, you can easily generate multiple versions of your email and accelerate the learning process, as opposed to traditional A/B testing where only a few elements can be tested at a time.


8Seconds Optimizer costs just a fraction of what your campaign normally costs you to setup and send. Moreover, it is much cheaper than  traditional testing methodologies. With its guaranteed high ROI, it more than pays for itself.

Effective in increasing CTR, revenue and ROI

Testing is a proven method to increase ROI. Adapting the content of your email campaign to the preferences of the recipients maximizes the conversions of the campaign.

An alternative to traditional creative market research

Use 8Seconds Optimizer as an affordable alternative to expensive market research. Test your online or offline content (artwork, banner ads, print ads, digital content, copy, vouchers or packaging) via the email channel using your CRM database and targeted audience.

Works on small and large audiences

If you have a small audience (i.e. 3,000 to 15,000 contacts) – as this is usually the case in B2B  – you can also start optimizing your email campaigns with 8Seconds. It’s easier to double your conversions than trying to double the size of you database. Our clients’ average gains are in the 200%-300% range. Just imagine how much time and money it would take to grow your database by such factors.

Drip campaigns

8Seconds also allows you to optimize your drip campaigns and transactional emails. While drip campaigns tend to contain highly personalized content, response can differ highly depending on the presentation of the message. So even if you have custom published content you can still multivariate test your static elements. What types of drip campaigns can be optimized? Timed/lifecycle emails, user triggered (e.g. welcome email series), etc.