Business Case: Worten buttons boost email gains by 178%

Worten’s newsletter is used to nurture ongoing customer engagement, loyalty and sales.  Worten decided to use 8Seconds to optimize the CTR performance of its image-rich promotional email content.

In this optimization Worten wanted to better understand the effectiveness of using buttons. The marketing team created 2 creative versions for each of the 5 creative content placeholders and used the 8Seconds application to automatically generated multiple creative combinations within their newsletter. Some versions had no buttons, others had buttons on some product images. The entire campaign was mailed.  Each combination was rotated showing a different version to each early e-mail opening recipient, until statistical significance was achieved and a final winner was found, and then only the winning version was show to the remainder of those recipients who then opened their mail.  The final winning combination included buttons on all product images. This test resulted in 178% gain – the winning version having a 24.59% CTR and the lowest performing version having an 8.82% CTR. This optimization makes it clear that best way to motivate customers to click through to our website is by using images with buttons

“By using 8Seconds, within 72 hours we were able to validate assumptions to maximize performance of our e-mail marketing engagement strategy.”  Says Daniel MOLERO, Worten’s Marketing Manager. “Real time creative optimization has the potential to dramatically improve e-mail business results with minimal cost and effort in digital speed – unlike more conventional approaches like e-panels or focus groups.”

About 8Seconds:
8Seconds pioneered a cloud-based application called the Creative Content Optimizer. It performs multivariate real-time optimisation (MV-RTO) of image-based creative content, serving e-mail and digital marketers globally. 8Seconds works with any email platform without any integration necessary. Just add a line of code in your HTML and let 8Seconds do the rest. With customers worldwide, 8Seconds’ proven technology helps its clients dramatically increase creative content conversions.

About Worten:
Founded in 1996, Worten is an electronics and white goods retailer-etailer based in Portugal with physical stores across Portugal and 52 stores in Spain. Worten was founded with the vision to bring technology to people and make their life easier. Worten belongs to Sonae SR, specialized retail division, a multinational corporation with services in more than 50 countries that operates in sectors that include: food retail, malls, software and informatics and telecommunications.

John Lindsay

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