We help our clients increase CTR, revenue and ROI through our automated real-time A/B & Multivariate testing and optimization solution. All in an incredibly fast, easy, and cost-effective manner. Most of our clients are already aware that pre-testing content increases ROI, and are committed to pre-testing in the first place, but can’t find the time to test.

Industry sectors served:

Business services, Political campaigns, Education, Energy, Entertainment, E-Tail, Fashion, Finance, Government and non-profit, Health and wellbeing, Media, Print, Retail, Telecom, Transport, Travel

Corporate users

Our typical corporate clients are focused on email, and have at least one person in charge of email marketing. They already understand A/B testing, and what they are looking for is a better, faster, cheaper way of A/B testing. Thanks to 8Seconds they are able to increase relevance and engagement by optimizing their messages by segment. They find winning content and increase CTR, revenue and ROI.

Direct Marketing Agencies, Marketing Service Providers, Digital Agencies, Email Service Providers

Our partner agencies can now offer their clients the ability to boost their conversion rates as an addition to their core services. With 8Seconds agencies can create additional sources of revenue while improving and differentiating their offering from their competition.

DM agencies, MSP’s and ESP’s can integrate 8Seconds into their offering as part of their managed services, thus reselling creative optimization as a packaged service or part of their portfolio of tools (creative content produced, optimized, and delivered).

Our partners can also generate revenue from referring 8Seconds to their clients and then use 8Seconds on behalf of their clients.

Advertising Agencies, Creative Agencies, Market Research Agencies

For creative agencies, 8Seconds cuts the cost to find the best content for their clients and become a credible supplier of creative content that performs, keeping control of the creative process, rather than having it judged by another party, or the clients themselves. It means they can prove the value of their creative talents and can put a price on it.

While the 8Seconds’ Optimizer was originally designed as a real-time multivariate creative content testing tool to exclusively improve click and conversion rates of e-mail campaigns, we are partnering more and more with agencies that would like to find alternatives to conventional creative testing methods which are much more expensive and time consuming. These agencies, who offer creative market research as a core service, have now an option to deliver market research to more of their customers, more often, at 75% lower cost and 10 times faster. This approach increases the volume and the revenue value of their creative work. How does it work? Agencies can conduct instant research using the mailing lists of their customers. Doing so results in an automated quantitative market research methodology that is extremely reliable. For example, one of our clients (global manufacturer of consumer electronics) has demonstrated no significant difference between their Millward Brown quantitative market research and the research done using their CRM database.

The 8Seconds proposition: Potential to increase the perceived value and volume of our agency clients’ creative work in the following ways:

  • One-off quantitative creative market research:  8Seconds cuts their internal costs by 75% or more, reduces the time to report results from 3-12 weeks down to 1-2 days, and increases profit margins and market competitiveness.
  • New sources of recurring revenue streams: 8Seconds increase the perceived monetary value of our agency clients’ creative work, by transforming their (one-off) creative market research projects into an automated process of creative optimization.

Email Service Providers

Using an API, the 8Seconds Optimizer can be integrated into an ESP’s email broadcasting platform. An integration facilitates the process of sending and optimizing email campaigns, as only one interface offers both functionalities.

We also offers the possibility for OEM/white labeling the 8Seconds solution.

The following organization partnered and/or integrated with 8Seconds Optimizer and can help you create, send and optimize email campaigns.

Become a Partner

An 8Seconds Partnership allows you to offer leading technology to your customers to increase their campaign conversions. As an agency, consultant or reseller, you can offer the 8Seconds Optimizer as an additional service to your customers, using the 8Seconds web based tool.

    Who can become a partner?

  • Agencies
  • Email Service Providers
  • Resellers
  • Consultants
  • Market research consultancies

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner.

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