Experian and 8Seconds announce partnership

Experian Marketing Services, a global expert in data, analytics and email marketing, has entered into a sales partnership with 8Seconds, a company specializing in real time creative content optimization. The cooperative agreement relates to the analytical testing of email campaigns This multivariate testing ensures the rapid, identification-based optimization of email campaigns with no scatter loss.

How 8Seconds Works: Experian clients can get started within minutes of registering to the online service with no IT support required. By using a proprietary quantitative algorithm, winning content combinations are identified quickly, with minimal waste of contact data, in real time. The most successful combination is then automatically shown to all remaining recipients who have not yet opened their mail The real time analysis can ensure considerably optimized ROI from email campaigns by applying the email variant with the best performance rather than on completion of transmission to a predefined test group.

“As a Technology provider we are delighted that front running marketers in Germany are now able to leverage Experian’s e-mail platform and professional services domain expertise to apply this creative optimization application”,
says Sofie Andries, 8Seconds’ Director of Strategic Accounts.

Jörn Grunert, CEO of Experian Marketing Services in Germany, adds:
“The 8Seconds’ tool is set to play a pivotal role in the implementation of email marketing campaigns. A precise analysis of which creative performs best, is absolutely essential if a campaign is to achieve maximum effectiveness. With the 8Seconds’ Optimizer we can act faster and more efficiently – and ultimately our customers can look forward to an even greater ROI.”

John Lindsay

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