Frequently asked questions

Where are the images stored?

Images don't need to be uploaded to 8Seconds. Images are hosted where you normally host them. We take a copy of the images from our clients' servers onto our servers in order to serve these during the campaign.

Do I need to create all email variations manually?

No, they are automatically generated by the 8Seconds Optimizer.

How many variables can I test?

The only limitation to the number of variables and variant images that can be tested is the size of the audience, the open rate and the click rate. A large audience with a healthy open and click rates will allow you to test a lot more variations than with a small audience with low open and click rates. 8Seconds offers a convenient audience size calculator the help you determine these variables.


How does 8Seconds find the winning content?

Once the 8Seconds code is pasted in the HTML, the email is sent as usual from your own Email platform. The first recipients of the email unknowingly act as the test audience, all receiving different email content. Once all image combinations have been displayed an equal amount of time and the testing reaches statistical validity, only the winning images are shown to the rest of the audience.


What does multivariate testing stand for?

Multi-variate testing involves testing multiple variables. An example of an email multivariate test involving a header image and a button would require the user to create multiple versions of the header image and multiple versions of the button. 8Seconds generate automatically and tests in real-time all possible combinations of the header image and the button, resulting in a large saving of time and effort.

What does 8Seconds do?

8Seconds is a cloud based solution that optimizes email and landing pages in real-time after the send. 8Seconds delivers a code that, once entered in the HTML, optimizes the images of your email or landing page by rotating them until it finds the combination of images that generates the highest conversion.

What is the difference between multivariate testing and A/B testing?

With A/B testing you create different versions of your email and send each version to a different sample of your database. Then you analyze which version was the most successful in terms of conversion and send this best version to the remaining recipients. With multivariate testing you can test different placements in your email and see which combination of elements is the most successful. With AB testing the gain is smaller than with multivariate testing simply because multivariate testing allows you to generate a lot more variations of your email for less effort than traditional A/B testing.


What does it cost to optimize with 8Seconds?

The 8Seconds’ annual subscription license is based on volumes and frequency of testing. Contact us for a quote.

Where can I track the results?

You can track the results in the 8Seconds Optimizer tool. Just log in to your account, go to my campaigns and click the stats button.

How do I start optimizing?

Create your account and contact us. Once your account is set up, you’ll need to define what you want to test (the different variables  and the different options you have for each variable), enter the image source and landing page in the 8Seconds Optimizer tool. You will receive a snippet of code to include in your html email. When you send out your email campaign (with your usual email broadcasting platform), the email will be automatically optimized by 8Seconds Optimizer.

Can I create and send out my email campaigns with 8Seconds Optimizer?

No. 8seconds is not an email broadcasting platform. 8Seconds Optimizer is compatible with all email service providers and other broadcasting platform, but does only the optimization of the campaigns. For creating and sending email campaigns, you can continue using your current ESP or contact one of our ESP or agency partners.

Who uses 8Seconds Optimizer?

8Seconds Optimizer can be used by anyone who is sending out email campaigns. In most of the cases 8Seconds is used by enterprise CRM and Email Marketing Managers, ESP’s, Direct Marketing agencies, Digital Agencies, Creative Agencies and Market Research Agencies.

Why would I optimize my email campaigns?

Testing is a proven method to increase the return-on-investment of your email campaign. By testing the images and/or subject line of your email campaign, you can easily adapt the email to the preferences of your recipients. By showing recipients what they prefer to see, you increase the click-through rate and maximize conversions of your campaign.

What can I optimize?

With 8Seconds Optimizer you can optimize the images of your email campaign. The images can be any image that is included in your email, such as header images, call to action buttons, offers, image text headlines, image body text.