Designed to dramatically improve email and landing page conversions, 8Seconds empowers marketers to work independently from technical teams, improving their ability to generate sales. Here are some of the 8Seconds features that allow you to very easily and quickly generate high-converting emails and landing pages:

Detailed, real-time dashboard allows you to analyze the performance of the different images and image combination, classify them by CTR or by conversions. View your results before and after the optimization.

NEW FEATURE! The Button Creator: You can now generate dozens of buttons right from within the 8Seconds application. No need of Photoshop or any design software. 8Seconds’ new Button Creator allows you to easily generate dozens of buttons and all by yourself, in just a few minutes!

  • Fully automated real time A/B & multivariate creative content optimization
  • Optimization of email as well as landing pages
  • Compatible with all email platforms
  • Easy to use web-based tool, no setup or IT integration needed
  • Unlimited number of variables
  • Optimization by PC and mobile device integrated
  • Optimization by segment
  • Optimization by clicks or sales conversions
  • Works for mass emails, transaction, and drip email campaigns
  • Works for small and large mailing lists
  • Real-time and detailed dashboard
  • NEW! Easily create and test Call To Action buttons from within 8Seconds!

What can you test with 8Seconds?

Call to Action buttons

CTA’s are by far the easiest element to test in an email and they can have a big impact on conversions. Create as many as you like and test them all. Try different text, colors, shapes. Traditional buttons vs. buttons that look like text links, or even animated buttons.


Alternate images

An image is the first thing your audience will see in your email, and in a fraction of a second it’ll make them decide either to read your email or to click the trash button. So make sure your images get them hooked to read further. Try testing at least two images to see which works best. The more images you test, the better. Remember that images don’t cost a lot, especially if you get yourself an account with one of the popular stock photo libraries.


With or without an image

While an image is the most visible piece of content in your email, depending on the subject matter of your content or your audience, omitting an image may actually uplift your results.


Alternate headlines (*as images of text)

Coming up with alternate text is even easier than coming up with images. Try testing different headlines in your emails. Even subtle changes can have an impact.


Alternate offers

$10 off or 10% off? 2 for the price of 1 or 50% off? Different offers will likely impact your email conversion. Depending on your audience and product, different offers can have a dramatic impact on your results.


Content ranking/order

Should you first feature product A or product B in your newsletter? Test and let your audience reorganize your newsletter content according to their preference and not your gut feeling.


With or without navigation bar

Does a navigation bar hurt your email conversions because it pushes your content below the fold, or does it help by driving traffic to your site? After testing, one of our clients decided to remove it because it was hurting their email conversions.


Different positions of content like CTA’s

Should an image or a button be at the top or at the bottom of the email. With 8Seconds you can move content around your template and find the position of your content that will convert the most.