How it works

8Seconds optimizes your emails and landing pages by testing automatically and in real-time your creative content (header and hero images, calls to action buttons, offers, promotions, banners, image text headlines, image body text, etc.)

    How 8Seconds Optimizer works for email optimization:

  • 8Seconds automatically generates multiple versions of an email by showing alternate images for each image variable
  • By means of the first email openers, who unknowingly act as testers, 8Seconds measures statistically and in real-time which image (or combination of images) is the most successful in terms of clicks or conversions
  • The winning content is automatically identified and delivered to the remaining audience who only sees the optimized version of the email, insuring the highest conversion possible
how it works
Email images are hosted remotely

8Seconds makes use of the fact that email images are hosted remotely. The images are downloaded at the moment the recipient opens the email. The email only contains a link to the images which are located on a server.


Normal setting, without 8Seconds Optimizer

An email is made of html code referring to the sender’s server. The images in the email are located on that server. The recipients download the images from the server when opening the email.


Optimization setting, with 8Seconds Optimizer

When the email campaign is optimized, the html code is slightly modified. The code now refers to the 8Seconds server which holds duplicates of the different images from the sender’s server. In this way, 8Seconds shows different images to different recipients and measures which image (or combination of images) is the most successful in terms of conversion. As soon as the optimal email is found, 8Seconds automatically shows this best version to all subsequent recipients that open the email.