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Difference between A/B split testing and real time MVT (multivariate) of 8Seconds

Conventional A/B split testing

Most of our clients are familiar with A/B split testing : you send out two or more different emails to a random sample of your target group, i.e. 5 000 email addresses for each creation. Typically after sending you can start analysis after a few hours, the CTRs for each image per email.  IF you are lucky you may have a statistically significant difference between email A and B.  In this case you can send out the winner the rest of your database. But suppose you are unlucky, and there is no significant difference, what then?  You have to start the testing process all over again. And suppose you have more than just two images to test, then the scale of complexity grows exponentially.

8Seconds’ MVT (multivariate testing)

With the 8Seconds’ RT Image Optimizer there is no need to split your test into random sample groups to test.  It automatically shows the different images and combination of images of your email campaign to exactly the number of sample groups required to get a winning result. 8Seconds measures the CTRs on the images to be optimized, and finds the best clicking image or combination of images. Once a winner is identified, only the winning combination will be shown to the rest of your database – all of this in one step, in real time. So no more waiting, no more guessing if your sample groups were statistically significant enough, no more unnecessary double work. In other words: 8Seconds goes one step further to help you make the best choices each time, the first time.

The 8Seconds’ advantages, compared to A/B split testing:

  1. No more samples : you send the different creations/combination of creations at once to your whole database.
  2. No more A/B : 8Seconds goes much further. You can test more images and also combination of images in one single email.
  3. No more analyses : we do this for you. In real time, our algorithm decides which image works best, and only shows the best working image or combination of images to the rest of your database. Hours and days of analyses and setting up campaigns becomes automated with a statistical significance.
  4. No more wasting time : we do everything in real time. 8Seconds measures the difference in CTR on the different images you optimize. And in real time we send the best working creation to the rest of your database.
  5. No complexity : you do not need to be an IT specialist to implement the campaigns in 8Seconds Optimizer. Within the hour, your campaign is set to be sent.

John Lindsay

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