PayBack wins Email Excellence Award using the 8Seconds solution

On April 10th 2017 PayBack won the Berlin Email Summit 2017 Email Excellence Award.

PayBack won the category E-mail Marketing Performance based on the conversion boost achieved through 8Seconds multivariate template optimization.

The campaign: The performance of the newsletter to A.T.U customers has been improved thanks to an 8Seconds multivariate optimization. The structure as well as different colors of the design were tested. In addition, several key visuals were combined with different offers as well as CTAs. This resulted in 48 different layout variations, which were then tested in real-time with 8Seconds. The layout with the highest CTR was identified during the send thanks to the first openers who acted as testers. The winning version was then locked in for the rest of the audience to see.

The five-member jury concluded “Comprehensive and careful testing is worthwhile!


Basile Fattal

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