Return Path US On-line Retail Client Earns $75K extra with 8Seconds RT Image Optimization

In 2001, Return Path started to review new product concepts to add on to Return Path’s original offerings. Return Path interviewed almost its entire customer base and found two issues that were most interesting around which to build an additional business: deliverability and email message optimization. Return Path chose deliverability.
“When we later heard that 8seconds was tackling multivariate optimization and decided to check it out.”

says George Bilbrey, Co-Founder & President, Return Path.

How our US on-line retail client earned $75K extra with 8Seconds, explained by George Bilbrey

Smart email marketers know that call to action content that has been tested will always generate better ROI results than taking a “best guess” at which offer to send out. The operational challenge is finding the time to do this quickly and cost effectively. With this in mind, we looked at the 8Seconds real time call-to-action optimization solution which promised to do exactly that: optimize the best call to action, with minimal effort. So we chose one of our own Return Path clients to run a test.
George Bilbrey, Co-Founder & President, Return Path

Test campaign details:

The client was a large US retailer of apparel, outdoor gear and home goods. We set up two campaigns sent out to two separate segments of their email marketing data base:

– the first was a segment of subscribers who had made an online purchase over the past 12 months;
– the second was a segment of subscribers who hadn’t made a purchase in the past 24 months.

Both campaigns tested the use of different images and calls-to-action to see which combination would drive higher engagement, click-throughs (CTRs) and conversions.

The results:

As the result of using the 8Seconds optimizer tool, one campaign saw a lift of 16% and the second saw a lift of 20% for a combined revenue increase of approximately $75,000 extra. The winning combination of images for each campaign drove a revenue increase of 57% and 33% respectively.

Based on these results, we recommend that email marketers make it a top priority to use an automated call to action optimization solution like 8Seconds when seeking ways to optimize ROI and improve customer engagement experiences.

John Lindsay

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