8Seconds offers custom subscription plans to Enterprises, Agencies and ESP’s designed according to their needs.

Enterprise Solution

With access to the 8Seconds cloud service e-mail multivariate creative content testing application ( 8Seconds Optimiser ) e-mail marketers, CRM managers and customer intelligence research professionals are able to:

  • Cut cost and reduce execution time in doing AB+ and/or multivariate testing
  • Make better creative choices more often, resulting in an increase in conversions
  • Accelerate learning, by being enabled to test more creative options, in one execution
  • To visualize optimization results in real time with the online dashboard

Agency Solution

8Seconds offers agencies creative content optimization for cross-channel distribution and include such content categories as:

  • E-mail – where every email campaign has optimized creative content (newsletter, sales promotions, transaction mails, triggered mails)
  • Landing pages – mostly micro-sites or campaign related ‘soft’ landing pages
  • Vouchers – optimized via e-mail, then published as banners, print, in-store
  • Ads & Packaging Claims – using e-mail optimization as cost effective, fast alternative to focus group testing and online survey for digital, print, billboard creative content.

Agencies that typically  benefit from the 8Seconds solution include Direct Marketing Agencies, Marketing Service Providers, Digital Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Creative Agencies, Market Research Agencies, etc.

Email Service Provider Solution

Using an API, the 8Seconds Optimizer can be integrated into an ESP’s email broadcasting platform. An integration facilitates the process of sending and optimizing email campaigns, as only one interface offers both functionalities.