Tips before you send out your emailing and optimize with 8Seconds

1) Always send a mailing test

You should maintain a short list of emails to send your newsletter before sending to the whole list.

You should do this even if you don’t use the 8Seconds Optimizer. It helps you make sure the email is displaying properly in various environments.

Make sure optimized images display properly. Also verify that different users see different images, that clicking on images redirects to the right URL and that all opens and clicks are recorded in the 8Seconds Optimizer stats.

It’s also a good idea to add to your test list.

2) Reset campaign after mailing test

This is very important! The 8Seconds optimizer is designed to optimize very fast in order to maximize your gain from optimization, so every click counts. During the initial testing the CTR is very high as the recipients test if the redirect URLs are correct. If this information is not deleted it affects the results of the real campaign.

3) Shuffle the email database

If the email database is segmented and ordered by segments in that case the optimization will be performed on a certain segment that is not relevant for the rest of the database. The email database should be shuffled (ordering emails alphabetically should do the job).

John Lindsay

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