Dramatically increase the conversion
of your email campaigns
and landing pages with
real-time content optimization




Optimize your content by any segment attribute in your database


Our mobile segmentation option optimizes content by device type



Increase conversions, revenue and ROI

Simple and easy, thanks to its fully automated web-based technology.

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Automated real-time A/B & Multivariate Testing

Compatible with all email broadcasting platforms, and requires no IT implementation.

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Fast and easy setup. No IT integration necessary.

Fast, thanks to the 8Seconds fast learning and actively adapting content technology.

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Dramatically increase your conversions!

8Seconds helps you dramatically increase the conversion of your email campaigns and landing pages by optimizing the creative content in real-time. Our automated, real-time A/B & Multivariate Creative Content Optimization solution, increases CTR, Revenue and ROI. All in an incredibly fast, easy, and cost-effective manner.

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  • Real time AB and multivariate testing
  • Fully automated
  • Easy to use cloud-based tool
  • Compatible with all email platforms

Bottom line

  • Incredibly fast and easy to use
  • Increases CTR and conversions
  • Cost-effective
  • High ROI

What Our Clients Say

  • Today we’re focused on the customer’s journey through the entire digital ecosystem and 8Seconds’ Optimizer solution is the ideal tool for our clients’ complex marketing needs as it tests and learns in real time to deliver the best converting messages and calls-to-action to the consumer.

    Luke Griffiths
    General Manager e-Dialog EMEA
  • This partnership with 8Seconds represents a breakthrough for our customers. Indeed, today it is essential to stand out to demonstrate responsiveness and precision. Not only our customers require getting to manage real time feedback with access to a powerful platform but they also want new functionality that make all their campaigns successful and enable their final customers. To achieve this goal, 8Seconds is the best solution on the market, and we are proud to have demonstrated the relevance of our association.

    Jean-Philippe Baert
    CEO of CheetahMail France
  • Based on these results, we recommend that email marketers make it a top priority to use an automated call to action optimization solution like 8Seconds when seeking ways to optimize ROI and improve customer engagement experiences.

    George Bilbrey
    Co Founder & President, Return Path
  • With an average gain of 251%, Mobistar has excellent ROI results on our campaigns. We discovered that optimizing calls-to-action is not a one-off exercise. All kinds of factors influence audience behavior that can impact how they respond such as the weather, time of year, demographic mix, economics, competitor communications, and things we could not even imagine. So a colour or offer that worked last week or last month, may not work so well next week. So, we intend to keep on testing and learning continuously on future campaigns.

    Pierre Cordier
    Online Channels Traffic Manager, Mobistar
  • Our clients notice the result almost immediately. We support our clients in testing variables to search for the most effective and therefore the most profitable campaign. In reality, done the conventional way this is still a very time consuming process. With the 8Seconds’ solution, we optimize the campaigns of our clients automatically, giving us more time to deploy our creativity and domain knowledge more intensively and to ensure that every campaign is maximized to contribute to the best results.

    Michiel van Riemsdijk
    CEO Yourzine

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