What we do

Tested content performs better than untested content. For brands that understand this fact, A/B and multivariate testing has become a critical, standard ingredient of any marketing campaign process. Companies that don’t test are essentially speculating or guessing as to what types of messages will generate the highest conversion with their audiences.

It is because pre-testing can be a challenge (time consuming and costly using traditional and basic A/B split testing methods) that we offer you the 8Seconds Optimizer solution. It automates the process by making full multivariate testing possible, simply, quickly and economically.


Effective testing of messages that will generate the highest conversion

The 8Seconds Optimizer is a real-time creative content optimization platform that automatically optimizes email and landing pages, together. Designed for enterprises, agencies and ESP’s, 8Seconds’ core technology enables marketers to rapidly deliver multiple creative variations via the e-mail channel, which are then optimized automatically based on each customer segment’s click behavior.

The 8Seconds Optimizer methodology is supported by an algorithm that makes the choice of winning content based on statistical validity. This provides marketers with a practical, viable alternative to more traditional creative content testing approaches such as A/B split testing and more costly options like e-panels and focus groups.

What’s more, 8Seconds also enables optimizing with smaller audiences, since with its statistical algorithm less customer contact data is required to find a winning email combination.

Who uses 8Seconds?

Most industry sectors who rely on email marketing to generate business have used the 8Seconds solution with success. Typical categories of campaign include sales promotions, product launch campaigns, newsletters and pure market research projects.

Enterprises are able to achieve increased ROI results with personalized, relevant marketing emails which convert better more often, ensuring maximum engagement and conversion (average gains of 200%).

For agencies, 8Seconds repurposes the e-mail channel into a faster and cost-effective market research channel as an alternative to focus groups and e-panels. Using this approach, market research costs are cut by over 75%, results are delivered in hours or days instead of weeks or months. 8Seconds optimizes content using CRM databases which means that quantitatively significant market research is delivered for every customer segment included in the effort.