8Seconds’ new feature “Button Creator” accelerates MVT optimization CTR gains.

Marketers improve execution speed, efficiency and ROI effectiveness on e-mail campaigns with a new feature now offered with the 8Seconds Optimizer cloud service.

June 22, 2015, Hasselt-Belgium:   Today 8Seconds, the pioneers and domain experts in real time multivariate optimization, is pleased to announce the release of its latest feature, the Button Creator.


Time-to-Market Execution Pressure:

Every marketer is under growing pressure to increase ROI performance, and they know that pre-tested creative content performs better than untested content.  And the gains can be substantial. Yet this is often skipped as a trade-off for execution speed to meet the demands of digital deadlines – even when the ROI gains justify the extra effort to test.  Yet, by simply testing different call-to-action buttons, 8Second Marketers achieved an average of 200% CTR gains, and some, over 1,000 %.*   With this in mind the 8Seconds development team designed the Button Creator as part of its mission to continuously simplify the process and remove the efforts required to get the gains from testing content at “digital speed”.

The Solution:

Today real-time multivariate testing for e-mail has become easier, more efficient and effective than ever! Marketers can simply create Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons from within the 8Seconds Optimizer cloud application. A marketer no longer needs to ask a designer or creative agency to create CTA buttons. Within seconds any marketer is now able create a CTA button, in virtually unlimited versions, liberating the creative inspiration and ROI potential to be gained from the creative optimization of e-mail campaigns.

“Generating 8 different CTA buttons using conventional processes with the help of a designer takes well over 2 hours, which costs time and money when you need to get that campaign out the door”, said Wiebe van Leeuwen from iWebb. “With the button creator you virtually eliminate all costs for basic button testing and cut 90% of the execution time to get conversion gains from just button testing.”

How it Works:

Within the 8Seconds Optimizer platform users are now able to create and test an unlimited number of variations their CTA buttons. These can be customized in shape, color, text and font allowing unlimited possibilities, which is especially handy for companies with strict corporate style guidelines.

* Based on actual campaign results achieved within the 8Seconds Optimizer over the last 4 years.

To see a demonstration we invite you to view this video:


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About 8Seconds

Founded in 2009 by a mathematician, 8Seconds develops and markets Email Optimizer, a cloud solution used for real-time creative content optimization. With customers worldwide, 8Seconds’ proven technology helps clients dramatically increase sales conversion through the email channel. With its innovative technology now adopted by ESPs, enterprise clients and agencies, 8seconds aims at becoming the global technology leader in automated real time creative content optimization for cross-channel application. For more information, visit www.8seconds.net

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