Auto Trader increases revenue by optimizing ‘abandoned basket’ emails

Every month, over 400,000 new and used vehicles attract more than 11.5 million unique users, carrying out in excess of 140 million searches on Auto Trader.

Email is key to the Auto Trader business strategy, using marketing automation to assist their users in their transactions.

With a focus on their ‘basket abandon’ revenue generating templates, which help some of Auto Trader’s ½ million private sellers each year complete their advert, they took an unprecedented step. With the help of 8Seconds, they tested 270 image and call to action combinations across 3 templates simultaneously.

“The results have been fantastic with average of a 7.9% increase in CTR across the 3 templates which equates to nearly £1,000 in monthly revenue uplift” said Matt Dyson, Senior CRM Executive at Auto Trader.

He added “Perhaps the more surprising result was the fact that if we’d have chosen the worst email combination (without doing this test) we could have been down £13,000 per month”.

Andy, from Auto Trader’s digital agency Chalk & Pixel, commented “Both the intuitive interface of the 8seconds dashboard and the easy implementation saved a lot of time and resource, instead of building out 270 emails, I built 3!”.


John Lindsay

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