8Seconds optimizes CTA-buttons for mobile operator Mobistar

Mobistar moves as provider of mobile, internet and digital TV in a very competitive market, so it is necessary to stay ahead of competition. Not only by building a strong brand which promises to make life easier: for Mobistar, life is the combination of 3 dimensions: ‘Love’, ‘Work’ and ‘Play’. Besides a strong brand, we measure and improve every communication we do.
In this direction, we have optimized more than 10 email campaigns with the technology of 8Seconds. With an average gain of 251%, we had excellent ROI results on these campaigns. We discovered that optimizing calls-to-action is not a one-off exercise. All kinds of factors influence audience behavior that can impact how they respond such as the weather, time of year, demographic mix, economics, competitor communications, and things we could not even imagine. So a colour or offer that worked last week or last month, may not work so well next week. So, we intend to keep on testing and learning continuously on future campaigns.

Pierre Cordier, Online Channels Traffic Manager, Mobistar

The challenge:
Mobistar promoted My25 fee which includes more than 100 free minutes, sms’s and mobile internet. For the promotion of the product, Mobistar sent this emailing out to a segment of the database: 43.900 persons in total.
The results:
Mobistar puts a lot of attention to the call to action-buttons as this is the button that really pushes people to sales. For this acquisition emailing, Mobistar choose for 8 different versions of the call to action button. The following results show that with a very small difference in creation and tone of voice, you can make a big difference in results.

It is clear by these results that “I discover…”, works better than the more sales oriented CTA-buttons: “I activate now” or “I switch now”.

The winning version of the email was sent to the rest of the database in real time. In other words, 8Seconds adapts the content of the emailing in real time as soon as a statistical validity is achieved. The total gain for this campaign was 398% when compared to the losing combination.


John Lindsay

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