8Seconds smooths the process: Shaving the waste with the Philips shaver head campaign

When we ran the 8Seconds RT Image Optimizer on 10 campaigns we achieved an average gain of 192%. Our best optimization was a Senseo-campaign with a gain of 905%. This has convinced me that 8Seconds should be used as a standard part of any large volume campaign design with a direct response component.”

Basile Fattal, Sr. Manager CRM and Consumer Engagement, Philips Consumer Lifestyle

The challenge:

The CRM and e-mail marketing team supports all of Philips Business Groups with the mission to execute the most effective campaigns for their internal clients. Every week many campaigns are sent out by this team. Resources and time are a scarce resource to be managed carefully. The Shaving and Grooming category asked the Philips e-mail marketing team to create the best campaign based on the following:

  • 8 creative versions of the e-mail;
  • 3 image variables within each mail version: top banner, the product image, and the call to action button;
  • Audience of 116,000 e-mail addresses.

The Pain: 50% + potential loss:

In the past such a test may have taken between 72 hours and 8 working days before a winner was found. And it risked using more data than required to find a winner, based on the typical practice by most brands to choose random sampling sizes per variation work out the winner without using the carefully thought out mathematical probabilities.


The Gain: +100%:

Using the 8Seconds RT Image Optimizer the newsletter was sent to 24,000 consumers and a winner was found in real time after 389 unique views. The winning combination was then sent the remaining 116K consumers with a different shaver head model.


Basile Fattal adds, “ The 8Seconds RT Image Optimizer helped us achieve 3 goals:

  1. Cuts valuable time and resources required for testing by over 80% (a step we previously often just skipped as it was just too much trouble to run tests);
  2. More than doubles our ROI per campaign in clear, measurable terms; and
  3. improves our customer experience delivery by engaging them with images that trigger a positive behavioral response.

John Lindsay

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