Forget about growing the size of your database… or almost

If you are in CRM or Email Marketing, you most likely wish you could magically double the size of your database. It is no easy task and requires a considerable amount time and money, which most of us don’t have. Instead of focusing on growing your database, why not focus on making the most out of your existing database?


From my personal experience while at Philips, one of my team’s KPIs included growing our list. But any project on that front took months to implement and get results.

In contrast, growing the bottom of our funnel was a lot easier. So in the meantime we switched our attention to the bottom line to increase conversions from our existing audience.

By adopting testing we systematically increased the conversion of our emails by 30-300%. Increasing the the size of our database by such factors in a short time would have been impossible.

What are your KPI’s?  Where do you put most of your effort? At the top or at the bottom of the funnel?  Share your thoughts below.

Kind regards,
Basile Fattal
Global VP Sales & Marketing – 8Seconds

John Lindsay

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