Number of creations for your 8Seconds optimization

We often get the following questions from clients: ‘How many combinations of creation should I foresee for a database of 100 000 ?’ Or: ‘After how much time does 8Seconds find a winner?’

Well, to be honest, it is hard to tell ! As it depends on different elements:

The open rate of your emailing should be big enough. You can have a database of 500 000 but a very low open rate. The lower the open rate, the longer it takes to find a winning combination.

The CTR (click through rate). It speaks for itself that also the CTR is important as this is the key of measurement at 8Seconds. If few people click, it might take longer for 8Seconds’ Optimizer to get to a statistical validity.

The number of combinations/or images : the higher the number of combinations, the longer it might take to find a winner.

The difference in creation : this is  really important ! the difference in creation between the images should be big enough. Trying radically different images is what pays off.

The target group: your target group is the one which is clicking, so the difference in creation should make a difference on his/her behavior as well. And the same set of creations can have a different result with a different target group.

Timing: the day or time of day is an important factor as well.

John Lindsay

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