Optimization for mobile devices

Mobile internet traffic increased from 22.8% to 37% in 2013. And in 2014, according to ComScore, mobile will overtake desktop traffic.


While many companies have started using responsive design as a response to the trend, few have tackled content optimization for mobile devices.

A desktop user is different from a mobile user due to multiple factors, and response to the creative content will also vary.

That’s why 8Seconds offers the Mobile Segmentation option. With a simple check mark, you can use  Mobile Segmentation to split your campaign in 2 segments and track the behavior of the recipients based on their device: mobile or non-mobile.

mobile18Seconds Optimizer will choose a winning email version for each segment and insure maximum conversion fore each.

As seen in a recent Philips campaign using 8Seconds Optimizer, the winning banner for desktop users is different from the winning banner for the mobile users.


John Lindsay

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