8Seconds and Yourzine launch an exciting partnership

201,7% average gain in Click Through Rate

Online marketing agency Yourzine and 8Seconds, announce the signing of their partnership. With the 8Seconds automated multivariate optimization application for e-mail – the 8Seconds Optimizer, Yourzine is now capable of bringing the effectiveness of email related campaigns and newsletter to a higher level.

“Our clients notice the result almost immediately. We support our clients in testing variables to search for the most effective and therefore the most profitable campaign. In reality, done the conventional way this is still a very time consuming process. With the 8Seconds’ solution, we optimize the campaigns of our clients automatically, giving us more time to deploy our creativity and domain knowledge more intensively and to ensure that every campaign is maximized to contribute to the best results.”
Michiel van Riemsdijk,
CEO of Yourzine

The 8Seconds Optimizer is designed to save time and to make multivariate creativity optimization simple. It is user friendly, and everything goes automatically, reducing the time required to enable optimization by well over 75%. As a result, companies can afford to do creativity optimization on every campaign as a standard business process in their email marketing execution model.

What makes 8Seconds so unique is the fact that since the company started over 3 years ago it is the pioneer and only company to offer multivariate creativity optimization in real time – with automated decision making algorithms. Our clients tell us they save an enormous amount of time to manage optimization while achieving maximum ROIs from their creative content choices. Since it is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there is no IT set up required, and users can get started within minutes.
Sofie Andries, Account Strategy Director of 8Seconds

About Yourzine

Yourzine is a leading online marketing agency in The Netherlands. The company is specialized in development of client contact strategies for its customers. The starting point is in every single case creating customer value. Yourzine gives advice, optimizes and realizes.

The agency analyses all available data on existing client contacts and client behavior and takes care of the integration of primary processes. Based on those insights, Yourzine develops effective client contact strategies by means of a very precise email marketing approach, acquisition campaigns or a complete cross channel strategy. Yourzine works for leading companies as HEMA, Albert Heijn, IKEA Nederland, CZ Insurance, Efteling, Luxaflex, Unicef and Eneco.

Yourzine is part of the LECTRIC Group, that consists of 8 innovative internet companies. The companies which belong to the LECTRIC Group: Colours, Lectric Internetopleidingen, NR6, SearchResult, Someone, Social Inc., symfony-xib en Yourzine.

John Lindsay

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