Oct 2011

8Seconds adds new features

8Seconds just released its latest updates which help make your creative testing business process even more productive and will give you the competitive edge you have been looking for. Here are the key changes summarized: 8Seconds has from...

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Aug 2011

One Step Further and Faster with 8Seconds

Difference between A/B split testing and real time MVT (multivariate) of 8Seconds Conventional A/B split testing Most of our clients are familiar with A/B split testing : you send out two or more different emails to a random sample...

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Jul 2011


LISTEN TO YOUR TARGET GROUP If you ask 5 persons to chose the winning call-to-action from 5 creations, there is one certainty: NON will like the same creation! Marketers, the sales manager, the CEO … everybody starts following...

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Jul 2011

Number of creations for your 8Seconds optimization

We often get the following questions from clients: ‘How many combinations of creation should I foresee for a database of 100 000 ?’ Or: ‘After how much time does 8Seconds find a winner?’ Well, to be honest, it...

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Jun 2011

Don’t be shy, try everything you can think of

The 8Seconds Optimizer does not increase the CTR of existing images, it chooses the best combination (highest CTR) from your ideas. You can try everything, even if you think it won’t work. Many customers had big surprises. If...

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